• Comprehensive

    A start to finish process for finally getting your networking act together.

  • Short and Sweet

    Each module is 5 - 10 minutes long. No fluff. Just expert training.

  • Tools

    Includes a networking spreadsheet to get you started.

  • Convenient

    Each module is audio-only so you can learn anywhere with just your phone, tablet or computer.

This audio course will guide you through jumpstarting your business networking plan in 12 short audio modules.

You’ll learn to get really good at networking and soon you’ll start to actually get new clients on a regular basis from your networking. It will take some time but if you stick with it, you will see results. This course is taught by Michael Reynolds, Director of Nerdy Things at Massage Business Blueprint and veteran business networking pro.

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  • Leslie, Florida
    It's fantastic. Not too much packed into any one lesson, everything seems doable and attainable.
    Leslie, Florida
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Total time: 1.5 hours

Introduction: Let’s learn to get out there and network without throwing up (wait, why are we doing this?) - 6:03

01: Pick your poison (joining a networking group) - 8:12

02: Working networking into your ever-busy schedule - 4:24

03: Creating a 60-second sales pitch without selling your soul - 9:54

04: Getting good at public speaking - 9:43

05: The secret to getting referrals (spoiler: its giving referrals) - 2:53

06: Getting organized and tracking your referrals (channel your inner spreadsheet nerd) - 9:30

07: How to avoid passing crappy referrals (don't be that guy/gal) - 8:02

08: How to use your other networks (including some you don't even know you have) - 7:49

09: How to call out other people for passing you crappy referrals - 6:06

10: How to form a power team - 8:01

11: How to recruit the right people to your group - 3:46

12: How to help motivate your group when they get lazy - 3:27

Conclusion: Congratulations, you happy networker! - 3:17

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  • Toi, Los Angeles
    Love the spreadsheet tracking (fellow geek here!) and the concrete ideas expressed, so that it seems manageable and possible to get over the fear of networking.
    Toi, Los Angeles

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