Episode 271

Dec 31, 2019

Our listener lives in a house divided and wants to know if Allissa and Michael are for or against pineapple on pizza.

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Our listener lives in a house divided and wants to know if Allissa and Michael are for or against pineapple on pizza.


Michael Reynolds Hey, everyone. Welcome to a Q&A episode of the Massage Business Blueprint podcast. I’m Michael Reynolds.

Allissa Haines I’m Allissa Haines.

MR We’re your hosts. Welcome, welcome. Welcome to another awesome Q&A episode. I am — I think this is probably the most important question we have gotten so far. It might take a lot of thought, a lot of serious consideration here. So I’m just going to play it and —

AH It is — and it’s one of the more controversial things —

MR It is.

AH — so yeah. This is going to be safe to listen to you with your kids, but if you get the feels when you listen to it, just, we warned you. So there’s that.

MR Yeah, yeah. We apologize if we offend anyone, so let’s just play it here.

Listener question Apparently the world is divided between people that believe pineapple belongs on pizza and those that don’t. I live in a house divided, and I need to know where Allissa and Michael stand. Pineapple on a pizza: yay or nay?

MR Wow. Talk about the heavy topics for today. Let’s do our sponsor and then we’ll hit it.

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MR Yeah.

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MR [Laughing]

AH It’s really great. So if you want to learn more, you can go to massagebusinessblueprint.com and check out our premium membership.

MR [Laughing] I love that’s our ringing endorsement: Does not have stupid threads about people fighting about essential oils. [Laughing]

AH Yeah. It’s great.

MR That’s the best endorsement we could give.

AH I try.

MR Okay. So I have a suggestion here. So on the count of three — as in 1, 2, 3, then say it — let’s say yes or no about how we feel about pineapple on pizza. You good?

AH Okay. I’m ready.

MR Okay. 1, 2, 3. Yes.

AH Yes, but only with Canadian bacon.

MR Oh, my goodness. We agree.

AH Yes.

MR I was so sure we would disagree.

AH No, man. I love myself a Hawaiian pizza.

MR I do too.

AH Put the Canadian bacon and the pineapple on my pizza and give —

MR Oh my gosh, yes.

AH — salty and the sweet — and I want my Canadian bacon crisp. I want it pretty well done. I want the edged curled up, and I want my pineapple well-strained so it doesn’t leave pineapple juice puddles on the cheese. But I want the pineapple, I want the Canadian bacon, I want them on my pizza and in my face.

MR So what if a pizza does not have Canadian bacon on it, but does have pineapple on it?

AH I mean, I’d probably be okay because the cheese has got enough salt in there, but I wouldn’t be as happy. I wouldn’t turn it down. I wouldn’t say, no, thank you.

MR Okay. Okay.

AH But I feel like I’m a little worried that this episode might be a tiny bit too short, and it’s really important.

So Michael, when you order pizza, if it’s just you — just you ordering a pizza just for Michael — what do you get on your gluten-free crust?

MR Well, it varies. Sometimes I will get pineapple pizza. I’ll just get cheese and pineapple. I’ll get straight up —

AH Really.

MR You know what? I don’t think I’ve had Canadian bacon with pineapple for a long time. So you’re right. That would make it a thousand times better. So I’m going to look for that. But if it’s a one topping coupon or something, I’m going to probably either get pineapple, or I’m going to get mushrooms, or I’m going to get pepperoni. Those are kind of my —

AH But do you ever get pizza with lots of toppings?

MR Yeah, sometimes. Usually we just have — like the pizza place near our house has a special where it’s like two medium one-toppings and we — for like 7 bucks each. So we usually get that.

AH So what pizzas do you get for your household if it’s like you and Arianna and the kid?

MR Yeah, so I get my — usually it’s mushroom, but sometimes I will get pineapple. And then Arianna and Eli will get pepperoni because Eli eats pizza by picking off the pepperoni and eating it — the pepperoni individually and then eating the cheese off the pizza and leaves the bread part, like, the crust. So he’ll just eat the cheese and the pepperoni off.

AH [Laughing] You could just make the kid a little pepperoni-cheese roll-up. That’s adorable.

MR Yeah, yeah, basically that’s kind of what it is. [Laughing]

AH Nice, nice.

MR But if I’m getting multiple toppings, I will get — I like all meats. I like, you know, pepperoni, hamburger — you know, I like hamburger, pepperoni, and bacon or ham. So I like those.

AH I am opposed to chicken or hamburger on pizza. I do not like either.

MR I don’t like chicken. I like hamburger, but I don’t like chicken on pizza.

AH Nice. So if it’s just me, I get veggie pizza. I get maximum veggie. I get veggie explosion. So peppers, onions, tomatoes, if they have broccoli, mushrooms. I get a full-on veggie pizza because I will eat — because when it’s loaded with veggies, it’s much more filling and a little less horrifyingly unhealthy —

MR Yeah, yeah.

AH — because I’ll eat less of it.

MR That’s fair.

AH If I get just cheese pizza, I’ll eat an entire pizza by myself.

MR Oh, absolutely.

AH If I get a veggie pizza, there’s so much stuff on it that I can only eat one or two slices and then I have leftovers for meal prep. So then it’s like — but when I’m ordering for the household, I have to get — I’ll get like — if it’s just me and Walt, I’ll get half cheese, half veggie. Or sometimes we’ll compromise and get a pepperoni. But typically now, because the older kid now eats pizza, which is kind of a new development for her, now I get one cheese for Walt and the kid, and I get a veggie for me, and then I eat that veggie for like three meals. Because if I can get a pizza and have it last me for dinner, breakfast, and lunch, that’s a win for me.

MR Nice.

AH And that’s important information about how Michael and I eat our pizza. If you need to comment on how you like your pizza, you can totally comment under this podcast episode on the website. You can include your favorite pizza in your iTunes review of us if you wanted. And that’s all I have to say, Michael.

MR So do you feel like this episode has been long enough, Allissa?

AH It has definitely been long enough, and I’m really glad I learned that — I wouldn’t have guessed you’re like a meat-lover pizza kind of guy.

MR Yeah, I like the meats. Yeah.

AH Rock on.

MR I no longer follow the hierarchy of meat, so I eat bacon now.

AH Yeah, I’m really proud f you for that.

MR [Laughing] We’ll talk about that in a different episode.

All right, thanks everyone for joining us today. Reminder —

AH And thanks, Rianne, for that question. In case anyone didn’t know, that was our friend Rianne, and it was a brilliant question.

MR [Laughing] Thanks for calling out Rianne as well.

So thanks, everyone, for joining us. You can send us your questions at massagebusinessblueprint.com/talk, and we’d love to hear from you. Thanks for joining us today. We’ll see you next time.

AH Buh-bye.

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