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Michael Reynolds Hey, everyone. Welcome to the Massage Business Blueprint podcast, where we discuss the business side of massage therapy. I’m Michael Reynolds. 

Allissa Haines And I am Allissa Haines.

MR And we are your hosts. We’re glad you’ve joined us today for this episode. Thanks so much. Allissa is still here; hasn’t left yet. Are you enjoying your stay?

AH I am enjoying my stay in Indianapolis. I am finding it to be a lovely and welcoming city full of kind people. I don’t know. I’ve only seen the inside of the SpinWeb offices and the inside of a Starbucks and the inside of Michael’s condo. So that’s pretty much my experience of Indianapolis.

MR Really the only important places.

AH Really. Last time I came, I had my own car, and I was able to go visit my friend in the Broad Ripple neighborhood, which I absolutely enjoyed.

MR SoBro?

AH Yeah, exactly.

MR That’s South Broad Ripple.

AH I’m no longer coming to Indianapolis without my own car because I want to do some exploring next time I’m here and be a tourist.

MR I told you you can totally borrow a car.

AH Yeah, that makes me uncomfortable.

MR [laughs] We’ll work on that. So to- —

AH Anyhoo, people.

MR Anyhoo.

AH My travel complaints aside —

MR It sounds like you’ve been here a week, but we’re really doing this back to back. It’s only a couple days.

AH We get a little punchy after we’ve been together nonstop for about 48 hours. We start going to the bathroom more often just to be alone. And we’re hitting that point of our journey.

MR So our topic — actually, before our topic, you wanted to address a review on iTunes, right?

AH Yeah. We got a review. And first of all, thank you, everyone, for the reviews. Every level of review. Every bit of feedback is super important and sometimes I make fun of reviews but in a lovely and positive way. For example, last week we got one that said that the listener could hear my breathing and that was really bothering them. And while we had not noticed that, it did spur me to get a new screen buffer/wind buffer thingy for my microphone that I typically use when we recording in regular places and not the SpinWeb studio. So that has hopefully been remedied. We all have our things that bother us.

We did get a review a couple weeks ago that was — with some concern about our sponsor, specifically that some of our scheduling sponsor — our scheduling sponsor, Artichoke, was not HIPAA compliant. But, that listener, that reviewer was slightly out of date. Artichoke does, in fact, have a HIPAA security partnership set up. Their system is indeed and can be HIPAA compliant, and so I think they had just missed that update. So we just want to assure everyone that our scheduling sponsor, Artichoke, who is the sponsor of this episode as you heard a few minutes ago in our pre-roll tape, they are in fact HIPAA compliant backed by the industry’s most comprehensive BAA. Michael, I don’t actually know what BAA stands for. Do you?

MR Business Authority Agreement.

AH There you go.

MR Or Business Authorization — yeah, if you’re a business authority that means you take liability on.

AH Yeah, so they are all set. You can feel real confident that they are HIPAA compliant.

MR I’m sorry, Business Associate Agreement.

AH Yeah, none of us would have known the difference anyway.

MR Well, I had to get it right.

AH They’ve got all the data encryption stuff set up that you need. It will keep your client status safe and HIPAA compliant, so you can feel really good about that if you are operating as a healthcare provider and, in fact, subject to HIPAA restraints. That is all I had to say about that. Did I cover that, Michael?

MR Yeah, yeah. Good call.

AH And thank you, Michael, for alerting me to that. We had not covered that before, and I think it’s important to mention. Rock on. And good catch, reviewer.

MR We love feedback.

AH Thanks for popping that up to us so that we could assure everyone that that has in fact been handled.

MR Right on.

AH I don’t remember what else we’re doing today because that was the only thing I really —

MR We’re talking about Facebook.

AH All right.

MR In fact, we’re talking about three things you can do right now, right this minute, to spiff up your Facebook stuffs.

AH And we even have more than three things because you know that’s how I roll.

MR Really? Bonus?

AH Yeah, right?

MR You’re too good to me.

AH I’m going to make sure I make a note to — because I’m going to get on a roll in a second here, and I want to make sure I make a note to cover the halftime sponsor. One of the things that happens when you subscribe as a premium member to Massage Business Blueprint is that you get entrance to our Facebook discussion group, which is a secret group. And because it’s a secret group, the way to get into it’s a little different. People actually have to email me, and they have to send me the email address that they use to log in to Facebook. Now, upon doing this for the last several months, I have realized that most people have no idea what email they use to log in to their Facebook profile. And this does not surprise me because many of us set up Facebook years ago, we have all of our logins automated so we’re not having to type them in completely every time we log in and out, or we just stay logged in; so we have no idea of what email is used as our username stuff or what our passwords are anymore. So a lot of times people are sending me their email address and it’s not the right one, so they weren’t getting the invite to join the secret group because that wasn’t the correct email hooked into their Facebook account, which can get annoying for all of us. I’m like, no, I really did send you the invite; is that the right email? Yeah, it’s the email I use. And then upon looking further into their Facebook profile, they would see that it was some old email address from college or something that they originally used to set up their Facebook account. So we get it all figured out, and I’ve got a workaround anyway so it all worked out. But what was hilarious is I actually went into my own Facebook profile and saw that the email address I had been using as my primary contact was totally wrong.

MR I did not know this.

AH Yeah, so oopsy. I fixed that. So a few things you can do right now to spiff up your Facebook is to, one, update all the contact information. And I’m talking about your personal profile. You should also do this with any business pages regularly but start with your personal profile and make sure it’s got your proper email address. If you want people to be able to see that so they can contact you if they’re interested in massage, then you want to have that available for people to see. It’s okay if you don’t, but you should still have all of your contact information correct in your Facebook profile even if it’s just for logging in and your private usage.

Second, I’m still talking about your profile, make sure you are linked to your business page. I’m going to put a link in the show notes here about how to do that, but what you can do is make it so even in your profile, you can link to your actual business page. You can make it so that it’s like a hotlink. It’s that employer section so if you’ll notice — you can go to my Allissa Haines Facebook and you can see in my employer, I’ve got linked Haines Massage — my actual massage practice business page — and then also it links out to the Massage Business Blueprint Facebook page. And that makes it easy for anyone who found me through a friend of a friend — because a lot of us do local networking through our friends and such — it makes it really easy for people to find your business information even if they’re connected to you personally, which is really nice.

And now we’re going to stop for our halftime sponsorship. Michael, what is our — who is our halftime sponsor today?

MR Our halftime sponsor is jojoba.

AH Oh.

MR [laughs]

AH You did not say that as dramatically as I thought you would.

MR I thought I would just change things up. Just though Id see how it felt.

AH And I am —

MR It is jojoba.

AH I’m excited. We actually used jojoba here on site for our massage —

MR I know. It was so great.

AH — Massage Business Blueprint photo shoot yesterday. And I used it — I chose to use it because we had a couple of different models and and couple of different massage therapists and jojoba is non-allergenic, so I did not have to worry about any of our models or our client models or our massage therapist models having any kind of allergic reaction. Also, it’s noncomedogenic, so it does not clog pores. So if you have clients who are prone to acne breakouts, jojoba will not cause that reaction. It doesn’t go rancid so I knew that the bottle that Michael got a while back was still going to be good. It doesn’t contain triglycerides so it won’t go bad. It doesn’t stain your cotton sheets, so the sheets that I have in the washer at Michael’s house will not be all gross and stained. Jojoba Company is the only company in the world that carries 100%, pure, first-pressed, quality jojoba. Other companies try to get as much extract as they can from the seed. Jojoba Company does a light pressing — it’s what they call a first press — on the seed. They do not get as much in quantity, but what they get is by far the best quality jojoba available on the market. You can learn more and get yourself some — I suggest you get yourself some at massagebusinessblueprint.com/jojoba, that’s J-O-J-O-B-A. massagebusinessblueprint.com/jojoba.

Deep breath as I go to the second half.

MR Jojoba! I couldn’t resist. I’m sorry. I held it in. I just couldn’t anymore. [laughs]

AH Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Reynolds.

MR You’re welcome.

AH So next up on your personal Facebook profile, check your privacy settings, yo.

MR [laughs]

AH You can also — sorry. That’s what happens —

MR One of the side effects of being in the studio is I can’t mute myself. [laughs]

AH Bring in the class; bring in the funk.

MR Please, continue.

AH Check your privacy settings. You can retroactively lock down all your old posts. There’s a way you can do it in your settings and your privacy where you can make all of your old posts only available to certain subgroups of people or certain friend lists or no one at all. I say do that occasionally.

If someone is looking for you for massage and they happen upon your profile before they get to your business page, what are they going to see? You can view your page as the public — you can view your profile as the public and see what they can see. If you’re like me and, perhaps, a crazy political person and have posted a ton of stuff that you’re like uh, this might turn some people off, you can totally retroactively lock down all of your old posts. I’d be more mindful of what you have posted publicly in the future or you could just be like eh, I don’t care and let it go. And that’s totally cool; that’s legit. But know that you can do this, and I’ll put a link on how to do that in the podcast — in the show notes.

Finally, and I mentioned this already, but you can go to your Facebook business page and update the heck out of that. Make sure that if you’ve made any changes to your bio or the services or the link to your scheduling service or your address or phone number, or, perhaps, you just need to put up some new pictures of the sign to your office or your office itself, do it. Update it; freshen it up. Add a few new pictures. Add a video. Woot! That would be crazy.

Now, I know that business page usage is going down with some of the changes that Facebook has made, but that doesn’t mean you should let your page get all dusty. You still want it to be a helpful, fresh, useful resource when people seek it out. When people who are already following your page want some information and they go there, you want it to look good. You don’t want it to look like you have given up and forgotten all about it. And if you want to give up and forget all about it, then get rid of your page. Get rid of all your old posts that don’t make any sense; have only your contact information up there or just get rid of it altogether and not use Facebook for your business. And that’s a legitimate decision but make it a mindful decision. Don’t make it by default. And that is what I have. Do you have any other suggestions, Michael?

MR No, I like your suggestions. I think we should keep it simple. Good stuff. I like your last suggestion, especially, about no one is forcing you to be on Facebook. If you just don’t like it, there are other ways to market.

AH There totally are.

MR And that is very okay, very much okay.

AH Absolutely okay.

MR Absolutely. All right. Well, we’ll wrap up there then. So thank you everybody for joining us today. We appreciate you being a listener. Reminder our website is massagebusinessblueprint.com. You can check out our premium member community as well that we’ve referenced a couple times. And you can email us as well at podcast@massagebusinessblueprint.com. Send us love notes, hate mail, feedback, suggestions, topics for future episodes, anything you want. We love all of your emails. We appreciate all the iTunes reviews. If you enjoy this podcast, it really, really means a lot to us. If you would take a couple minutes and go to iTunes and leave us a review, we read all of them, and we respond to some of them that we can have follow up information about so we appreciate that as well. Thanks for joining us. We will see you next time.

AH Bye.

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