• Learn the Basics

    We'll show you the various options for networking and how to be successful, long term, with your business networking.

  • Easy to Implement

    We'll talk you through a step-by-step system for expanding your massage practice through events, groups and other networking activities.

  • Tools

    Includes sample scripts for your networking conversations and a referral tracking spreadsheet to get you started.

  • Insights and Examples

    Includes lots of insights and examples so you can feel confident heading into your next networking opportunity.

Networking! Eek! It can be a scary word to some of us!

While networking can help us meet new clients and grow a practice, it can also be stressful to figure out what types of events to attend, how to meet people and how to find the time for it all. We'll walk you through how to expand your massage practice through effective networking.

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  • Toi, Los Angeles
    It was fantastic, with a wealth of information which can be put into practice immediately. So glad I attended!
    Toi, Los Angeles
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  • Jeri, Ontario
    I'm so glad I listened to this. Uber helpful!! Allissa Haines you did an amazing job on the spreadsheets. Gonna use them for shiz.
    Jeri, Ontario

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