The 14 Most Common Massage Discussion Group Questions Answered

I skulk around in massage groups on occasion to see what people are discussing nowadays. Turns out people are asking the same things they were asking a few years back. Back then I used to participate and leave long-winded answers.

Today I challenged myself to answer the most common questions I read, and to be brief and efficient. You’re welcome.

How do I get a client to make another appointment?

Ask the client, “Would you like to schedule your next appointment?”

What is the best oil/lotion for massage?

The Jojoba Company for liquid (it’s technically not an oil, it’s a wax ester, but it functions like an oil) or PurePro for anything/everything else. Because once you actually learn about what is IN all those other products, you’ll ever want them touching your skin again.

How do you get oil stains out of sheets?

Orange degreaser from PurePro. Then buy PurePro or Jojoba and your sheets probably won’t stain. Also, use less product. You’re probably using too much.

How do you deal with a client who gets an erection?

If you are not uncomfortable and think it’s unintentional, ignore it. If you are uncomfortable or the client is behaving as though they are looking for sexual services, end the treatment and leave the room.

If it’s happening often, you’ve got a problem with your marketing and/or your intake protocols. Fix that.

How much water should a client drink after a massage to flush the toxins out?

Stop it. This is not a thing.

I have a client who is chronically late but expects the full treatment time, what do I do?

Stop giving them the full treatment time. If you’re feeling generous, when you are scheduling the next appointment, make it a point to say, “I’ll need to stick to the schedule next time, so be sure to be on time to get your full hour” And then DO NOT run over if they are late. Period. If the client complains, say, “I’m sorry you feel that way. I need to stick to my schedule. I understand if you prefer to find another therapist.”

How do I stretch someone’s IT band?

You don’t. Stop trying.

What’s the best Essential Oil for headaches/plantarfaciitis/stress?

If you do not know this from taking an essential oil training, and cannot figure out how to access credible resources to learn, you should not be using essential oils.

Who has the best liability insurance?

Here ya go.

Do I need to be on twitter/pinterest/instagram/linkedin/facebook?


Where do you get your music?!?

From Artful Touch, and places that sell music licensed to play in commercial settings. I do not use services that are not licensed for commercial use, (like Pandora One) and if I did, I sure wouldn’t announce that on the internet. Sometimes my client bring in their own playlists. That’s pretty rad.

How do I convince my client I need to work on her butt/belly/feet even though she doesn’t want me to?

You don’t. You ask once, then let it go.

How do I get new/more clients?

Not by chasing shiny new or random techniques in an unorganized fashion. Try building a solid business and structure for referrals.

Are you always this short and snippy?

Nah. I’m super longwinded and LOVE talking about context in our podcast!

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